The concept of the Athlete Services came about from looking at what is provided for athletes at the moment and understanding how we can make the provision and the communication better.  The team emphasis at Perfect Balance Clinic is a fantastic forum to be able to provide a bespoke service for each person that comes through our doors competitive athlete or weekend warrior!

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As part of the introduction of the full package of services, clients are now able to book appointments for each of the sessions individually.  There are several new services that we will be introducing which as a whole will make the Athlete package.  Each of these will be listed below, some of them are still in the early stages but you can register your interest should you wish to hear more about them.


Watt bike analysis and testing


The watt bike analysis and testing is one of our little gems in new range of advanced rehabilitation and performance services.  The watt bike is used for high end cyclists and in most running based sports to measure leg symmetry, pedal technique and leg power, amongst other things.


We are able to assess individuals and clients on a 121 basis to examine the relationship of their injury or lack of performance with their leg speed/power and symmetry.


At present we offer a few of the full range of tests, with more soon to come.  The tests we currently offer are spin scans, peak force tests and training zones.  With each assessment we ensure you will go away with the correct bike setup from our specialist so that you can practice in the correct position, with the correct biomechanical relationships or your body parts.


Prices start from £40 up to £90/session and there are a range of services and packages available.


Running Clinic


The running clinic has been borne through a need to improve the fundamentals of human performance, which is movement and control of this movement.  The running clinic enhances running technique to a whole new level and ensures you are given the building blocks to be able to reach your PB, whatever your running related sport.  The type of people we have seen so far in the running clinic have ranged from clients wanting to improve their running following an injury to clients wanting to run ultra-marathons with previous hip pain.  We have enjoyed looking after all sorts of athletes so far and have been very encouraged by the amazing results we have been able to achieve so far with very few sessions.


The running clinic operates with technique training, biomechanics sessions and drills sessions all in small groups and on a 121 basis.  We use the clinic for the early stages where we need to control the outcomes of drills and movement based speed dynamics.  Once you are developed and ready to go our aim is to get you out on the track to ensure you feel the benefit of your expert tuition.


Stan Madiri heads up our running clinic with the delivery of some impressive sessions in the clinic and on the track.


Our new state of the art Curve treadmill is used in the sessions to ensure accurate delivery of the technical aspects of running.



More to come


We also have some more services to come with our new additions to our team.  The following services will be coming your way soon.  If you would like more information then please click the links to register your interest.


Altitude Training Clinic Register your interest



PB Academy


Young Athletes need all the support and direction that they can get.  Perfect Balance Clinic is using its services to give back to the local communities.  So we are also very excited to announce some very interesting relationships with local sports clubs with the PB Academy, our junior version of the Athlete services programme.  More news about this as it happens.


PB Athlete Services


Have you ever wondered how good you could you could be if you had the same level of support as some of the top athletes in the world?


Now you can release your inner Athlete with the help of the team at Perfect Balance Clinic.


We have worked on bringing together elements of clinical care, specialist services and performance all into one monthly package which you can have access to which will be tailor made to your personal circumstances.  Prices are yet to be confirmed but with 3 tiers of care from Bronze to Gold packages we will ensure that everyone who wants to be a winner can have access to this.
Services potentially included in the final 3 packages will include Private GP, MRI scans, X-rays, all PB clinical services, shockwave therapy, nutritional support, psychological support and of course all of the above athlete services.


I hope you are as excited about these packages as we are.  if you would like more information about these services then please just use the link

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