Ski Fanatics – Are you ready to hit the slopes?

Calling all Ski Fanatics – Are you ready to hit the slopes?

If you’re a Ski Fanatic, chances are you know it isn’t just about your technique, it’s about your level of fitness too!  You may be confident in your ability off the slopes, but is your fitness level good enough?

Many people find skiing a really great way for them to work out, not to mention the fantastic scenery!  But if you don’t make sure you’re fit enough before you jet off, you may end up injuring yourself and we wouldn’t want that!

At Perfect Balance Clinic, we are concerned as much with injury prevention as we are in helping people to get better, so here are some tips to make sure you are as fit as you need to be to hit those slopes and ensure that you get the most out of the season!

Squats – Are great for working your legs, in particular your hamstrings and you calves – not to mention an easy exercise for any one to do!  Just keep your legs shoulder-width apart, and lower your body slowly, not forgetting to bend those knees!  Weights can be added, but remember it’s for resistance not strength… So don’t go crazy! (3 sets of 12 should do the trick)

The Plank – Is a great way to exercise your core, and again can be done as easily at home as in the gym!  Simply lay on the floor, and lift up your body weight with your forearms.  Don’t forget to suck your tummy in to protect your back! (hold position for 30 seconds at a time)

Pull-Ups – This is a great way to work on your upper back and shoulders, if you’re not a gym member and don’t have a pull up bar at home, then just use a sturdy door frame!  Just hang with your hands gripping the bar or frame and pull up until your chin touches! (repeat as desired)

Cardio – Don’t forget to involve running, cycling or even dancing, to your fitness routine… This will help you to complete a great work out and get you ready to face those mountains!

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