Core Stability: an exercise for the inner core

What are the core muscles?

The core muscles are the deep spine-stabilising muscles. They provide little or no movement to the body. However, they allow the larger muscles to move the body correctly and in alignment.

Are we really training the core during our workout in the gym?

Probably not!

If this is the case, then the outer muscles become dominant – the deep stabilisers become lazy and don’t fire correctly. This can cause movement without sufficient stability.

Remember: movement + insufficient stability = injury and pain

Four-point position with inner core contraction

  1. Start in a four-point kneeling position. Hands should be in line with the chest, knees in line with the hips and knees bent at 90 degrees. Keep the natural curve in the spine.
  2. Allow the abdominals to completely relax. In your mind, ‘turn off’ the stomach area. This should allow the belly to drop towards the floor.
  3. In this position, take a deep breath in and out. As you exhale, really empty the lungs. Now slowly and gently draw the belly button towards the spine and pull up the pelvic floor. Then start breathing again. Hold this position and continue to breathe for ten seconds before releasing.
  4. Repeat eight times. Once you are able to hold your belly in for ten seconds at a time, increase the time held gradually until you can hold for up to three minutes with perfect form.

For more information, contact Joe Reemer, our Rehab Consultant.

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