Foam Rolling: Advice Sheet

Foam Rolling Exercises

General Technique when doing foam rolling exercises:

1) Find a tender spot in the area you are working on and keep the roller on this spot. Wait for the
discomfort to diminish by 50–75%. This could take some time and may be very uncomfortable.
2) When this area is no longer sensitive, see if there are other sensitive areas and repeat this on those muscles.
3) When the area is free from pain and can be rolled over, then continue rolling regularly to keep the area relaxed.
4) Use the roller as a warm up prior to activity and also for a warm down after activity.
5) There is some freedom for experimentation and “feel” when using the rollers. See what works best for you and manipulate your position to get good results.
6) Below are some examples of the positions used: (Images and exercises available on the downloaded PDF below)



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