Lets hope you’ve trained enough!

Most Marathon runners will have not only spent hours on the open road but will also have taken part in other types of activities such as gym work and conditioning to help them along there way. Most of the people doing the marathon would have experienced some kind of sports massage pre-marathon which would have helped reduce the muscle tension built up during hours of training before hand and kept there muscles in a good state so that the tissue damage created during hours of running was kept to a minimum.

Have you ever considered what happens after marathon day though?

What should your routine be after running that gruelling 26.1 miles?

Well after running that distance you will definitely have minor tissue damage which will result in some post exercise muscle soreness.  This will normally peak within a few hours of the marathon.  Its the day after the marathon that will hit you harder!  Well what can you do to be prepared for this.  The best thing that we advise our clients to do is to try and keep moving, using a cycle at low intensity will help to flush out the tissues, resulting in better recovery and will not over work the tissues.  I often advise my clients to continue to use cold therapy for 2-3 days after the marathon and then change to using alternate hot and cold therapy to improve the tissue recovery.  Eating the core from pineapples, containing high quantities of an enzyme called bromelain will help reduce the inflammation in the tissues and cherries and papaya have also be proven to have a similar effect.

Sports massage can help allow the tissues time to recover from the stress if you are particularly suffering.  This should not be too deep and should aim to keep the tissues free from congestion but not break down any scar tissue, but instead reduce the rate at which this forms and adhesions between fascial structures in the leg.  Often the areas that we find are tight with sports massage are the quadriceps the front of the legs, and the glutes the back of the legs.  These are areas that are under trained with runners pre marathon and will suffer the most afterwards.  That’s not to mention the calf and hamstring cramping that most people suffer from, sound familiar!

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