Mastering Speed- Perfect Balance Clinic’s running Coach Stan Madiri in Athletics Weekly

Our Perfect Balance Clinic running coach, Stan Madiri, an IAAF elite speed coach, is highly respected in the field of athletics and is featured in the current issue of industry bible Athletics Weekly. Stan has worked with such luminaries as Olympic and world 400m champion Christine Ohuruogu and Commonwealth and European 200m silver medallist Jodie Williams.

Stan’s speciality is to assist athletes with their performance enhancement by focusing on the structural and functional movement elements of an athlete’s technique. He says in the article “Every athlete has the potential for speed but speed is not a privilege, it’s a skill. There used to be a belief that making athletes stronger would automatically make them faster. Now we know this is not always true as there are other important elements to movement patterns which asserts that muscle recruitment is the weak link and not muscle strength.”

Stan works with top grade athletes and their coaches. He continues “ Nature has decreed that we have a range of motion in our joints, but our own conditioning takes it away. Drills recondition and rewire what has been lost in lifestyle conditioning.”
As many runners will know, there is no such thing as a short cut to improving technique. Zimbabwian Stan is concerned that promising young athletes may pick up detrimental running movement patterns by mimicking those of their family, friends and peers. “If body position is off, we will struggle with all the other parts. Foot strike is vitally important as it’s what we are doing on the ground that gets us to move in terms of propulsion.”

Stephen Makinde, the founder of Perfect Balance Clinic and a leading osteopath says “We are so lucky to have a coach with the skills, expertise and experience of Stan Madiri at PBC. Our physiotherapists and osteopaths treat a lot of athletes who are prone to getting injured at some point during their athletic careers, whether in training or while competing. Having Stan on board can make all the difference to a speedy recovery and athletes find that working with him helps them to speed up the healing process while greatly improving their performance at the same time. It’s important that an injury is a setback which can be overcome quickly and successfully.”

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