Prone Cobra – An exercise to improve core stability and reduce back pain

A common problem in the UK. The upper and lower back become weak and you end up slouching deeper and deeper into your office chair. This can lead to weak core stability, back pain, hip pain and neck pain.

The solution is either not work at an office (somewhat impractical!) or strengthen the area.

The exercise below is great at targeting the deep stabilising muscles in the lower spine and targets the upper back muscles that stop your slouch becoming worse!

Lie on your stomach with your arms to the sides and bent to 90 degrees. Keep your head and neck in alignment with your spine at all time. Starting with the head and upper back, lift your spine one segment at a time until your chest comes off the ground. As you lift raise the arms behind you and squeeze the shoulder blades together
Return slowly to the start position and repeat 10-12 times

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