Sports Massage in 2013


Sports Massage is…

Sports massage is designed to help athletes to recover from injuries or excess of training, as well as helping them to prepare for events and work at their peak during training. However, sports massage can also be extremely effective for non-sportspeople, especially if they are suffering with pain, discomfort or tightness. A treatment session can be beneficial before, during or after a sporting event.

There are a number of benefits from regular sports massage sessions:

  • Release muscle tension and pain
  • Remove waste products accumulated during exercise, such as Lactate and Carbon Dioxide
  • Reduce the discomfort of muscle soreness or DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) after training or a sporting event.
  • Improve posture and flexibility

Sports Massage offers

  • 3 FOR 2 IN 2013

In 2013 at Perfect Balance Clinic, we are offering every single one of our clients one course of 3 for 2 on Sports Massage. It’s simple: Buy two massages for you (or yourself and your partner) and get a third completely free!

Sports-MassageFor those of you who want to feel the benefits of a full course of treatment, we are also offering £100 off when you buy a course of 10 Sport Massage treatments. This way, you can feel the benefits of a full course of treatment, to make sure any tension that naturally builds up – either through playing sport or as part of the stresses and strains of everyday life – are dealt with thoroughly and effectively. Offers available in London and Hertfordshire. Terms and Conditions apply.


Want to know more about Sports Massage?

If you would like to know more about Sports Massage, why not download our free advice sheet, detailing everything you need to know about sports massage treatment at Perfect Balance Clinic.  You can also visit our Sports Massage webpage, or click here to meet our Sports Massage therapists.

If you would like to book an appointment with a sports massage therapist in London or Hertfordshire, feel free to give us a call on 0800 0724 012, or e-mail and take advantage of our great offers!

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