Tennis Elbow : Advice sheet

Tennis Elbow : Advice sheet

Diagnosis of Tennis Elbow

Lack of treatment can cause pain to persist for long periods of time. At an initial visit, a doctor or therapist will normally have the sufferer extend the arm out without bending the elbow to check for damage.

The patient should then proceed to hold the wrist up as a police officer does when stopping traffic. Then the doctor places one hand underneath and the other behind the hand of the patient. The health professional asks the individual to resist him or her, whilst pulling the wrist forward. At this point, if there is actual damage, the pulling is painful. The amount of damage determines the degree of discomfort in performing this test.

Causes of Tennis Elbow

Damaged tendons cause muscle injuries that extend down the entire arm. Aches felt in the middle or on the side of the arm joint usually come from playing tennis or golf. Excessive swinging, extending and closing agitate and cause that particular area to hurt even more. Having a persistent pain greatly alters the abilities of the injured sportsperson.

Tennis Elbow affects the knobbly bone in the middle of the arm. The main part that becomes injured lies at the top of the elbow. Anyone expecting to just chill out and rest from the activities that caused this injury will typically have to be relaxing for six months to a year. As mentioned earlier, this is a long-term injury. Such hurt and pain is the type of physical injury that can end up feeling like torture.

Treatment for Tennis Elbow

Through deep massage therapy, special physical therapy or physical therapy, the healing process happens a little quicker. Exercising it builds strength to that specific muscle group. Aggressively rubbing it down, consequently creating friction, enhances the circulation. Specialised stretching, applying ice, bending forward, and working with small weights are all part of a series of physical activities necessary to get this problem under control much faster. A reputable Osteopath or Physiotherapist will be able to advise.

This is the type of injury requiring patience on the part of the person inflicted. Furthermore, he or she must be cooperative and willing to work hard at solving this issue. Overall, prevention of Tennis Elbow pain requires dedicated time spent stretching and warming up before playing tennis or similar sports. In addition, it is best to use the appropriate equipment for your particular size and weight, and keep the arm, shoulder and upper back strong so to take the pressure off the middle arm area.

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