Watt Bike Assessments

 Introduction to Perfect Balance Watt Bike Assessments

Our Watt Bike Assessments are designed for cyclists who want to understand their cycling style better in order to improve performance and reduce injury risk.


We are able to assess individuals and clients on a 121 basis to examine the relationship of their injury or lack of performance with their leg speed/power and symmetry.

At present we offer a few of the full range of tests, with more to come. The tests we currently offer are spin scans, peak force tests and training zones which measure, amongst other things:

  • Leg symmetry
  • Pedal technique
  • Leg power

To get the most from this service and the best results on your bike, sessions at regular intervals are recommended and we offer several packages to allow for monthly testing, enabling you to build a profile of how your technique and performance is changing and helping you to plan your training programme to optimise performance.

At the end of each session, we will give you immediate feedback on your performance and ensure you go away with the correct bike setup, so that you can practice in the correct position, with the correct biomechanical relationships or your body parts. Prices start from £40/session.

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