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Provided for our members by our diagnostic partners.

Quick Reported Results

Our diagnostic partners aim to get results back to us as quickly as possible, so that our members can get in to see us as quickly as possible and have a suitable course of action outlined by their practitioner.

No more waiting

We have partners that are able to provide services in both Hertfordshire and London, which means we can aim to get our members seen to within 24 hours.

Valued Expert Opinions

Since we work with experts in their field, we are able to get a valued second opinion on all cases and ensure we get the answers quickly.  Our team is in constant contact with the diagnostic teams, ensuring communication is at full capacity.

Not a member?

Our members are entitled to these facilities within their membership package.  If you are keen on speaking to one of our Athlete Services representatives about our membership packages, then please use the icon above.

Information for our Members

For more information about this service please contact your athlete services manager.

What do you use ultrasound for?

Ultrasound scans can be helpful when trying to diagnose problems with sports injuries involving soft tissue. They can also be helpful in the diagnosis of problems relating to various superficial organs in the body.  Our main aim with an ultrasound is to help assess the sports injury quickly and be able to make a decision on how best to manage it.

Muscle tears and tendon pathology can easily be assessed using this rather helpful form of imaging.  The diagnostic specialist who sees you will be able to assess the injury quickly and produce a comprehensive report, which will allow our specialists to carry out the correct treatment plan.

An ultrasound scan is often very quick and accurate, so this form of imaging may be preferred over more the expensive MRI scan when trying to diagnose a sports injury. About 90% of the referrals we make for ultrasound scans are related to suspected muscle injury.

Ultrasound for for Sports injuries

Ultrasound can be used effectively for the assessment and management of sports injuries.  Muscular injuries are usually easier to assess with an ultrasound scan, and for more complex or difficult to read muscular injuries, MRI scanning can be used.

Common muscular injuries that can be assessed using ultrasound scanning are:

  • Muscle tears
  • Muscle haematomas
  • Tendon tears
  • Tendon ruptures
  • Tendon vessel activity

Newer forms of ultrasound allow very good imaging of real time changes of the vascularisation of the tendons. This is both before injury, when it’s just painful and post-injury to assess recovery.

We often use ultrasound to assess tendons before we offer shockwave therapy.  This allows our practitioners to know:

  • The exact area to deliver the shockwave therapy to
  • Whether it will respond to shockwave therapy

and after treatment…

  • How effective the shockwave therapy has been

For more information please visit the conditions we treat page.


Early diagnosis can help cut down injury time Book an appointment

Is an ultrasound scan painful?

When putting pressure over the site of a muscle injury there can be some discomfort. During an ultrasound scan, there is slight pressure from the probe, but it should not be too painful.

The diagnostic partner that performs the scan will endeavour to explain the procedure to you beforehand. They will carry out a thorough examination of the concerned area using the probe.  Over the worst areas, there may be increased pain, but this is often minimal. Some areas will require more pressure to be exerted in order to get a better image with the ultrasound.

The gel used is water-based and should not cause any irritation to the skin, nor should it be painful on application.  It can easily be wiped off after use and will not stain or mark your skin.

How do I book for an Ultrasound scan?

Being referred for an ultrasound scan is easy; all you need to do is contact your Athlete Services manager and they will take care of the rest for you. If you are an Athlete Services member, the cost of the ultrasound scan will be reduced, so please state your athlete number and show your card upon booking.

Should our therapists need more assistance with the diagnosis of your injury, we work alongside a team of specialists who can also assess the requirements for an ultrasound scan.

You can also use the link below to contact the team if you feel that an ultrasound scan is needed for your condition.

Skip the queues and contact your athlete services manager Contact us

Membership privileges

If you are an athlete services team member you can receive significant discount on the costs of your ultrasound scans as well as other diagnostic testing.   If you book your appointment through your athlete services manager they will advise you on what your membership entitles you to.  Please remember to state your name and your Athlete number when you arrange this.