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Cycle Clinic

Performance cycling clinic delivered by our specialist rehabilitation and performance team.


By understanding how your body moves and what your limitations are, whatever your sport, we aim to deliver the highest quality of care with a view to raising your game.

Performance Enhancement

Following on from analysis, our team will help to enhance your performance, making sure to leave no stone unturned. We will help to provide a clear and defined path to better performance.



Nothing is more important than maintaining your newly found performance.  Keeping a close connection with our team means that we can monitor and report back on any limitations to performance and any subsequent injury risk very quickly.

Not a member?

Our members are entitled to these facilities within their membership packages.  If you are keen on speaking to one of our Athlete Services representatives about memberships, then please use the icon above.

Information about this service

For more information about this service please contact an athlete services manager.

Do I have a Cycling Injury?

Whether you are professional, an amateur in training or just a keen cyclist, you may be suffering from a cycling injury.

It might just be a slight strain or even a chronic pain brought on by cycling; either way, it’s important to get advice and guidance sooner rather than later.

Cycling injuries can be caused by any number of reasons, the most popular being:

– An incorrectly set up bike, such as a low saddle or high handlebars
– Muscle weakness
– Poor biking technique
– Stiffness in joints
– Incorrect posture and positioning

Do I need to go to the cycle clinic?

You may require our services at the cycle clinic if you are currently suffering from:

– Fat pad irritation
– Patellar tendinopathy
– Back pain
– Leg pain
– Hip pain
– Aching joints and leg muscles

If you are suffering from any of the aforementioned issues, you could benefit from our cycle clinic service.

Early diagnosis can help cut down injury time Book an appointment

How will the cycle clinic help?

If you have sustained a cycling injury, getting in touch with us as soon as possible could be the difference between a short-lived injury and a chronic strain. We are able to offer you treatment tailored to your needs and get you back in the saddle sooner than you think.

Even if you are not currently experiencing any pains or strains, our cycling injury specialists will be able to show you any flaws in your technique that may cause you harm in the future. If you want to hone your cycling skills and receive expert help in injury prevention, get in touch with us today.

How do I book time at the cycle clinic?

Injuries caused by cycling require urgent attention in order to reduce damage to your body. Simply call us, or fill out a contact form, and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Our experienced physiotherapists will consult with you to determine the exact treatment you need. We can usually arrange to see you within 24 hours and are able to offer you telephone advice in the interim.

Our London and Hertfordshire clinics treat both members and non-members. Contact us for more information.

Skip the queues and contact your athlete services manager Contact us

Membership privileges

If you are an athlete services team member you can receive significant discount on the costs of your X-rays as well as other diagnostic testing.   If you book your appointment through your athlete services manager they will advise you on what your membership entitles you to.  Please remember to state your name and your Athlete number when you arrange this.