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About Us

"The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person's determination."


Our Teams

We look after some great teams.

Attention to detail

Everyone in the Athlete Services team has been working with exclusive clientele for several years and nothing is more important to us than attention to detail.


Feel free to ask us about any aspect of your care – we are keen to make sure you are kept informed and involved with every step of the process. Think of us as part of your team.

Diary Management

We take the stress out of managing your schedule when it comes to appointments. We will assign you a client services manager who will make appointments to suit your schedule.


Our team will integrate with your existing coaches and athletic support. We will become a valuable asset in developing your ability, helping you to recover quicker and therefore perform better.

With you all the way

Our team is committed to you and will be sure to be with you every step of the way; through both the good and the bad times.

Above all…

We are nice people and we really enjoy what we do. This is reflected in the quality and passion of our care.

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Stephen Makinde – Clinical Director and Senior Osteopath


My name is Stephen Makinde and I am the clinical director of the Perfect Balance Clinic Athlete services.

I will let you into a secret, well its not a secret really, especially to those around me and clients I have treated….I don’t settle for second best. This really does help me have the vision to deliver and achieve results with my clinical practice and alongside my team which are extra-ordinary.

They may not be perfect but there is no harm in trying to get close to it.

I am very passionate about what I do and listening to what goes on around me. I think I over think things…but I always try and bring things back to its most simple form.

I am very proud of what we have created in Perfect Balance Clinic and indeed the Athlete Services program. The concept of providing exception care to athletes and people trying to achieve great things in their sport, has been remarkably well received.

Thank you to my team and thank you to everyone that has helped achieve this.

Stan Madiri – Athlete Development Lead


Stan Madiri is an IAAF Elite speed coach who is highly respected in the field of Athletics featuring in such high-profile mediums such as the Athletics Weekly and Transworld Sports.Stan has worked with such luminaries as Olympic and World 400m champion Christine Ohurougu, European and Commonwealth silver medallist Jodie Williams and former World Youth champion Desiree Henry.

Stan has worked with such luminaries as Olympic and World 400m champion Christine Ohurougu, European and Commonwealth silver medallist Jodie Williams and former World Youth champion Desiree Henry.Stan’s specialism is speed development and enhancement. His coaching philosophy is, speed is a

Stan’s specialism is speed development and enhancement. His coaching philosophy is, speed is a skill and it makes the difference in all running events and sports. Stan assists athletes’ performance enhancement by focusing on the structural and functional movement elements of an athlete’s technique through the application of contemporary concepts of neuromechanics.

With a background in sports education, Stan has vast knowledge, experience, and skills both in the 1 to 1 or group coaching and mentoring situations. An avid coach educator Stan is a sought after Presenter and demonstrator within the Athletics community.

Aaron Trim – Athlete Services Sports Therapist

My name is Aaron Trim and I am a Sports Therapist and Athletes Services co-ordinator. My journey began at the age of 12, where I fell in love with Health and Fitness and wanted to assist in healing others.

One of my passions of working in the clinic and a within Athletes Services, is to fully assess patients in all stages of rehab and to use a hands on approach in aid to progress the patient through injury.

As a Sports Therapist, I am deeply involved in clinical assessments of athletes, and offering professional advice both from a practitioner and athletes point of view.

Being an athlete myself, I have experienced “highs and lo’s“. Being one of the best and wanting to work to my true potential has always been an ambition. Compteting for over 15 years has driven me to finding out ways to keep myself fit, stronger and a more focused athlete.

Since joining Perfect Balance Clinic and Athlete Services, I have been able to influence patients and athletes in the journey of rehab and fitness. Building a friendly and comfortable relationship with the client is the most important aspect of my position in Athlete Services.

Steve Grant – Health and Performance Nutritionist


My name is Steve Grant and I am the Health and Performance Nutritionist for Perfect Balance Clinic Athlete Services.

Since graduating with my Sports Studies degree back in 2005 and then qualifying as a nutritionist shortly after, I have gone on to work with, advise and support a number of athletes, ranging from international medal winning athletes & professional footballers to many weekend warriors who love competing in their sports and want to achieve the best possible performance they are capable of.

Nutrition plays a significant role in how well our body is able to function and perform. Our body is constantly utilising nutrients to allow our cells to produce energy and do their thing. When nutrition is sub-optimal you can see a breakdown in someone’s ability to function and perform at his or her best.

My approach is to deliver a service that is both health and performance based. I look to create a foundation nutrition plan that we can build on and have available to me advanced athlete specific lab testing to help us optimise nutrition protocols further.

After a long season playing Elite Amateur golf in 2013, I gained a stress related injury in my wrist along with bruising of the bone and inflammation of golfers elbow. I was referred to the team after a consultation with the surgeon and have now been working with the team for 5 months seeing a positive progression and recovery from an injury which restricted me playing competitively towards the end of last season. I have received the utmost support whilst undergoing treatment with excellent customer service and great facilities. I plan to continue to work with Perfect Balance Clinic in the forthcoming future to ensure my body is in the best possible shape in order for me to succeed at the highest level of professional golf.

Glen Johnson, Professional Golfer

I was keen to learn about the benefits of biomechanics in relation to golf and simply put, I now think this is the missing link to optimising performance, not just for golf but all sports. PBC staff's ability to 'mend' a body and then get it working as it should, with what seem to be simple exercises is amazing. I would recommend there services to anyone requiring rehab or wishing to enhance their sporting experience.

John Darby, Programme Director

“I've been cycling competitively for 3 seasons and have come a very long way in that time I've knocked

nearly 7 minutes off my 10 miles time trial time and can now ride 100 miles at the same average speed

as my original 10 mile time!

I really can't thank Steve and Perfect Balance enough for their continued support. I've had various

problems during that time as you would imagine coming from being unfit and overweight to competing

regionally and nationally. Every time I've had a problem it's been dealt with and diagnosed incredibly

fast, and solutions have been found to keep me from taking time off the bike. The best bit about

treatment from Perfect Balance is that I am always taught how to prevent the injury from coming back,

this has been invaluable.

Thank you again for everything!”

Henry Farrell, Welwyn Cycle Academy