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Provided for our members in our sports injury clinics.

Early Intervention

Being seen early can make the difference between an injury keeps on recurring and one that is nipped in the bud. Leaving things to develop without any advice or professional opinions can be costly for people, especially those who play sports.


Get to see the right person

All of our team members are briefed and understand that you must see the right person for your injury.  It makes no sense going to see a therapist who is not the best person for that injury.  We try and ensure you are working with the right team early on.



Our team is capable of interacting with our existing medical support staff and coaching them to ensure a continuity of care that is unparalleled.  Our technology allows us to communicate seamlessly with you and your current support team to get things sorted quickly.

Not a member?

Our members are entitled to these facilities within their membership package.  If you are keen on becoming a member, you can speak to one of our Athlete Services representatives by using the icon above.

Information for our Members

For more information about this service please contact your athlete services manager

Can I see an Osteopath if I am not a member?

Being a member of PB Athlete Services entitles you to seeing one of our osteopaths as part of your membership package.  If you are not a member, you are still able to see one of our specialist osteopaths, but you will need to pay for these sessions. Our osteopath team is covered by health insurance but you can pay for them privately also.

Our osteopaths are trained to work together meaning that you will be allocated to the right person for your injury.  After the initial consultation, a treatment plan will be outlined. This may result in your care being transferred to another of our specialists, if we feel that your condition will get better quicker with an approach like this. However, it is often the case that the first person you see will be able to deal with your condition; it is only the more complex cases that require a different approach.

Can an Osteopath help me?

Osteopath treatment is known to be a more holistic approach to looking at complex sports injuries.  Your osteopath will ask for some details from you:

  • The nature of the injury
  • Your previous medical history
  • The progression of the injury
  • How the injury is affected by other regions of your body

Your osteopath will then have a full understanding of your injury, resulting in a comprehensive approach and treatment plan.

Getting you back on the court/your bike/the pitch our team’s number one priority

Early diagnosis can help cut down injury time Book an appointment

What happens in an Osteopath appointment?

An osteopath appointment will begin with a thorough history taking and then the problem area is examined.  Being more holistic in nature, an osteopath will often ask you about other regions of your body that may be connected to the area being complained of.

You will need to dress appropriately for the examination, such as wearing shorts top you feel comfortable.

How do I book an Osteopath appointment?

Booking an osteopath appointment is simple:

  • If you are a member, then you can book by contacting your athlete services manager on the link below or through your private online system.
  • If you are not a member and would like to book an Osteopath appointment, then please use the contact us page on the website or call 0800 0724 012

Skip the queues and contact your athlete services manager Contact us

Membership privileges

If you are an athlete services team member you can receive significant discount on the costs of your X-rays as well as other diagnostic testing.   If you book your appointment through your athlete services manager they will advise you on what your membership entitles you to.  Please remember to state your name and your Athlete number when you arrange this.