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Sports Podiatry

Specialist foot care for athletes focussed on performance.

Early Intervention

Being seen early can make the difference between an injury keeps on recurring and one that is nipped in the bud. Leaving things to develop without any advice or professional opinions can be costly for people, especially those who play sports.


Get to see the right person

All of our team members are briefed and understand that you must see the right person for your injury.  It makes no sense going to see a therapist who is not the best person for that injury.  We try and ensure you are working with the right team early on.

Team work

Our team is capable of interacting with our existing medical support staff and coaching them to ensure a continuity of care that is unparalleled.  Our technology allows us to communicate seamlessly with you and your current support team to get things sorted quickly.

Not a member?

Our members are entitled to these facilities within their membership package.  If you are keen on becoming a member, you can speak to one of our Athlete Services representatives by using the icon above.

Information about this service

For more information about this service please contact an athlete services manager.

What does a Sports Podiatrist do?

A sports podiatrist works within the remit of our team to help understand, diagnose, treat and assist the ongoing management of biomechanical issues relating to the feet, knees, lower limbs and the lumbopelvic region.

Lower limb biomechanics have an intrinsic effect on the performance and functioning of most, if not all weight bearing sports.  We even find that swimmers benefit from wearing orthotics or doing foot exercises to help strengthen their intrinsic foot muscular architecture.

The forces placed upon the feet during competitive sport are called ground reaction forces. The forces need to be modulated and controlled to avoid injury/reduced performance.  Our podiatrists look at foot biomechanics and lower limb biomechanical analysis to optimise the safe passage of these forces on the body.

How does a sports podiatrist work?

Once the initial biomechanical analysis has been carried out and consultations with our physical therapy team have been conducted, the sports podiatrist will decide on the most suitable course of action.

A sports podiatrist will normally advise you on the pros and cons of wearing custom fitted foot orthotic devices.  All our fitted custom devices are manufactured with a lifetime guarantee on the materials used.  Off the shelf insoles are used, which are useful as temporary devices to help reduce acute conditions.  Our sports podiatrist will give you foot exercises and stretches along with your orthotics (if you need these) to help your accommodation to the device.  Not everyone will need a device and often foot exercises and stretches alone will assist to correct some conditions of the feet and lower extremities.

In competitive sport and most running sports, foot insoles help the feet mechanics withstand excessive forces that lead to pronation and other forces going through the feet.  Insoles are more than likely needed if you are getting problems with your feet at lower impact level sports.  Speaking to one of the team about your condition is a useful way to understand how we can help you.

Early diagnosis can help cut down injury time Book an appointment

Is podiatry part of my membership or covered with my health insurance?

Yes, if you are a member of the athlete services program then you are entitled to visit the podiatrist if needed.  This can often be prompted by having your check ups with one of the other team members, who may spot undue stress on parts of your body due to faulty lower limb biomechanics.

Most health insurance companies will have some exclusions when it comes to visiting a sports podiatrist, they will usually only cover the cost of the consultation; this is no problem if you are a member.  Members also received a discount price on inserts.

How do I book a sports podiatry appointment?

Booking a sports podiatry appointment is easy; just contact the team and give them the details of your condition and they will do the rest.  Once you are on our internal IT system, scheduling appointments will be even easier.

Once you have your first session with the podiatrist, they will be able to rebook you, should you require a follow up session.  Insoles are normally delivered within 3-4 working days and we carry a supply of pre-fabricated insoles in the clinic for a temporary solution.

When booking your first appointment please ensure you bring with you any relevant medical reports, scans or investigations.

Skip the queues and contact your athlete services manager Contact us

Membership privileges

If you are an athlete services team member you have an allotted number of therapy sessions which are included within your membership.   If you book your appointment through your athlete services manager they will advise you on what your membership entitles you to.  Please remember to state your name and your Athlete number when you arrange this.