Golf Performance Training

In the weeks leading up to EuroPro Tour school, starting 30/03/15 I have been looking back on what has been a great year to date with regards to performances, the latest of which was a Level Par finish at Brocket Hall, and many swing changes. Throughout the winter I have worked hard with my coaches on tightening and changing aspects of my game in order to move forward and create a swing that is efficient and repetitive under the pressures of tournament conditions.

I feel in a very strong position with my game and scoring ability with the season fast approaching. This has been helped with the use of TrackMan which has enabled me to record the data from my golf swing and compare it to some of the best players in the world. With the use of social media my golf coach has been able to publish this data and it has had some really positive feedback from all areas of the globe. With what has been a winter of intense training and meticulous work by Perfect Balance I have been able to stay relatively injury free and increased core strength, through the use of Pilates, which together with my swing changes has made my golf swing more efficient and gained yardage with every club.

Throughout February I competed comprehensively on the Algarve Pro Golf Tour, Portugal. It was a great opportunity to evaluate my game and identify any weaknesses I may have which could be addressed before the main season begins. I identified that I had played some excellent golf and giving myself some great opportunities, however my putting could of been stronger. Since my return I have worked tirelessly on my short game whilst working to keep my swing progressing and so I have been to visit Harold Swash Putting School of Excellence to seek guidance on my putting. The results were truly astonishing with them identifying that my putting stroke is as good statistically as some of t he best players in the world and with a few slight changes I feel confident my putting will be a strong part of my game for the coming season.

My strength and conditioning training has been focused around increasing my overall body strength in order to reduce the likelihood of injury through repetitive training together with focusing on the areas of the body which will increase my ability to deliver the golf club into the ball in a repetitive manor, these being core muscles and lower body strength and flexibility.  My training will start to become more flexibility and maintenance based work as the season approaches to reduce the risk of fatigue and injury whilst still giving me the ability to maintain my strength and efficiency of movement.

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