K-Laser Treatment for Tennis Elbow

By September 16, 2013Testimonials

I had tennis elbow for a number of weeks and it had got progressively worse. I went to see Stephen when it was so painful I could not pull a plug out of a socket. I am a personal trainer and it was inhibiting me doing any upper body activity. After just one treatment of k laser, I felt a dramatic difference. The treatment wasn’t painful , I just felt warmth. After 2 treatments the pain has subsided and I have resumed my normal activities. Although my elbow is weak and I am strengthening it, I am now looking forward to a 2 week activity holiday of windsurfing, mountain biking and tennis. Without Stephens expert advice and treatment that certainly would not have been possible! Clare Howard Personal trainer (and sports fanatic!) DID YOU KNOW? Tennis elbow affects 1 in every 3 people at any given time!* People with tennis elbow often feel helpless and can’t find the right person to help them with their condition. We have a wide (international) network of contacts who can help, as well as our onsite therapists in Hertfordshire and London. If you would like help with tennis elbow then please get in touch. We can give you friendly impartial medical advice and make sure you see the right person for your pain! If you would like to find out how you we can help you with tennis elbow, then download our free tennis elbow advice sheet. *source: http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/tennis-elbow/Pages/Introduction.aspx

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