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By March 7, 2014Testimonials


I went to see Zoe at the Perfect Balance clinic in Trump Street whilst training for the 2013 Virgin London Marathon. I was referred there by the friendly Sweat Shop team downstairs after experiencing some leg / knee muscle complaints. I have to say, the help and support I received thereafter was exceptional! Zoe not only took care of my sports massage needs but also made sure I fully understood the problems – clearly explaining the reasons why they were occurring and how I could work to fix them. It was also very helpful to see someone who understands the relationship between an office based work environment and a gruelling running schedule.

Zoe was very kind, caring and down to earth, making me feel like I was in the hands of a friend as much as a qualified professional. Her down to earth, holistic approach is ideal when you’re already going through the motions and pain of training (and if you’re not a big fan of laborious sports massages!) And her aftercare is second to none! I regularly received emails checking up on my progress over the week, making sure I was training, stretching and resting as I should as well as advising on guidance for my nutritional needs.
Overall, Zoe’s help, advice and support was invaluable! I genuinely believe that I wouldn’t have got to the end of the marathon (knocking 1hr, 9mins off my previous time!) without her! I am incredibly grateful and would highly recommend Zoe and the team at the clinic for anyone in need of sports massage and physiotherapy for running!
Natalie Brown

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