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Our Athletes

We already look after some pretty special people.

What services do we offer?

We work with athletes who are from a wide range of sports. This means, our services need to be varied enough to include both performance and speed training as well as sports injury relief. We also offer an elite membership package to those few select athletes who are at the top of their game and require this kind of service.

In all of our services, we are focused on quality rather than quantity. Our elite membership package of services is provided to top athletes to help them to optimise their recovery from injury. It also helps them improve their performance, by removing the stress out of these aspects for them and their coaches, with whom we work closely.

How do we work with our current Athletes?

We work alongside our athletes to help them achieve their goals. Most athletes have an existing support structure that we try and accommodate. For new athletes who would like to come under the care of our athlete services, we provide bespoke care packages designed to enhance their athletic performance.

Our team is consistent in their approach to managing athletes from all sports. We establish what recovery, regeneration and performance is needed to help your perform at a high level. As well as elite athletes, we look after a wide range of different abilities.

What type of Athletes do we work with?

The types of athletes we look after ranges from elite international athletes to keen amateur sports men and women, who just want to stay in shape for their sport.  We equally enjoy the challenges faced at both ends of the spectrum and give every individual the same level of care and attention for their specific needs.

To see if you are eligible to join the Athlete Services programme, please use the link below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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Our Athletes

Laura Armorgie – Highjumper

Karen Barrizta – Tennis Player

Hannah Williams – Sprinter

Glen Johnson – Golfer

Shaun Stafford – Bodybuilder

Anthony Bryan – Sprinter

Alicia Regis – Sprinter

Lina Nielsen – Sprinter