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We have physiotherapy services for members and non-members alike. Our select few clients whom are members will be eligible to complimentary physiotherapy services within their membership entitlements. However, we offer specialist physiotherapist treatment for non-members also.


Being a member of PB Athlete Services entitles you to seeing one of our osteopaths as part of your membership package.  If you are not a member, you are still able to see one of our specialist osteopaths, but you will need to pay for these sessions. Our osteopath team is covered by health insurance but you can pay for them privately also.

Sports Podiatry

A sports podiatrist works within the remit of our team to help understand, diagnose, treat and assist the ongoing management of biomechanical issues relating to the feet, knees, lower limbs and the lumbopelvic region.

Sports Therapy

Sports therapy is tailored to rehabilitation; exactly what it entails depends upon the nature of your injury. Whether you are suffering from strains, muscular issues, aches or pains, many of our patients see an improvement very soon after the first session.

Sports Massage

A sports massage is specifically tailored for athletes and is essential for those who take part in intensive training or are suffering from muscle aches and pains. This type of massage assists in the treatment of sports injuries and helps improve the health of connective tissues and muscles. Regular treatments are recommended in order to boost your mobility, muscle recovery and posture.

Performance Coaching

Regardless of what sport you specialise in, the key to success is not just the training or the playing. One of the most important things affecting your performance is the state of your mind whilst you are playing.


Our performance pilates classes are specifically designed for runners, in order to minimise the risk of injury faced by runners. This is done by focusing on the common areas of weakness and issues faced by runners.